Cherry Roller Spinner Loose Ring

Bombers Bit Cherry Roller Spinner Loose Ring

The Cherry Roller Spinner Loose Ring by Bombers Bits have blue sweet iron rollers that are constructed tightly, so there is no chance of pinching. The rollers promote relaxation in the lower jaw by encouraging the horse to mouth and play with the bit. Hence, reducing the likelihood of him grabbing hold of the bit or leaning on it.

The Spinner is formed of two circular rings that sit on top of the tongue. They move with the tongue to prevent the horse from putting his tongue over the bit or rolling his tongue up behind the bit.

Together with the blue sweet iron rollers, which oxidise in the horse’s mouth to create a warm, sweet taste. This bit from Bombers Bits encourages mouthing, salivation and acceptance of the bit. It is designed to make the horse more relaxed in his mouth and encourages him to go forward into the bridle, rather than ducking behind the bit.

The loose rings make the bit mobile within the horse’s mouth, encouraging further softening and gentle mouthing. They also allow for immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure when rein aids are relaxed, thus rewarding a correct response.

All our bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it:

  • oxidises easily
  • encourages salivation
  • helps bit acceptance
  • is warm and sweet

Please note the blue will fade with use.

Product Code: BBCRSPLR