The creators of  Gel-Eze®

Gel-Eze Pads are the original gel accessory product, created by Managing Director Stephen Biddlecombe. Gel-eze®  is incorporated in a wide range of products for horse riders, such as saddle pads, non-slip pads, wither pads and under bandages.

Since creating the product, it has become immensely popular in the equestrian world. You will see it being used by top professionals in all areas of equestrian sport, including Dressage, Showing Jumping, Endurance, Polo etc. A must have necessity for some riders, which provides comfort to horse and rider.

In addition, it offers the impact-absorption qualities of a liquid, in gel form which makes it very unique. This technology has been accompanied by high-grade designs and materials, meaning it works for you.

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