Bombers Bit Weymouth 75 Dressage Foward Port

Bombers Bit Weymouth 75 PF Dressage Foward Port

Bombers Bit Weymouth is a curb bit designed to be used in conjunction with a Bridoon in the Double Bridle. The Weymouth introduces pressure in many places. In the mouth, there is tongue and bar pressure. The curb chain introduces curb pressure, and the shanks also add poll pressure.

The upper cheeks on the Dressage Port Weymouths are bent slightly outwards to allow room for the horse’s cheeks. It also has an oval top ring so the bridle’s cheecpiece doesn’t interfere with the curb chain. The lower cheeks are 75 mm long.

In addition, it is supplied with English Curb Chain and hooks.

In the PF Forward Port, the port allows for tongue relief and is angled slightly forwards. As a result, this angle discourages the horse from pushing its nose out too far in front of the vertical.