Quic Braid

Quic Braid

Mane and tail control spray.
Adds perfect grip to hair when wet.
Not slick like hair gel, not sticky like hairspray.
Allow super-tight braids and neat, stay-put bands.
Great control means fewer stray hairs. Fast, no-gimmick mane training.
Dries to soft, natural feel (stray hairs don’t stick out stiffly).
Combs out easily, lies softly flat for days.
No need to shampoo out, evaporates within days.

It’s the next best thing to paying someone!” exclaimed a new user of Quic Braid, a dedicated dressage rider (and now, a dedicated Quic Braider). Overnight, Quic Braid has revolutionized mane management.

Not sticky like hair spray, nor slick like human styling products, Quic Braid gives you the perfect “grip” while braiding and banding. Use for tighter braids and neater bands with minimal stray hairs. Best of all, you don’t need to wash it out – it dries leaving the hair feeling soft and natural… and it combs out beautifully, for days of easy mane management.

Quic Braid is also great for mane training. Our customers also report that using Quic Braid allows you to wash and (gasp!) condition the mane before braiding. In fact, we hear that Quic Braid saved the day for one groom who had to clean up a pastured horse overnight for a breed inspection. The mane was filthy, and simply had to be washed. The groom used Quic Braid, and was ecstatic with the control she had, and the neat, tight results.

Sizes: 16oz or 64oz

Product Code: QBR