As we know, regular horse grooming is important for any equine, and good care and maintenance of the skin and coat allows the horse to remain clean and healthy.

A good grooming session prevents the build up of dirt and bacteria in the coat, and limits the risk of bacterial or yeast infections developing in matted hair. During the colder months, we often avoid bathing our equines to prevent chills, but if a customer has a horse shower (or access to a kettle, to bath with buckets of warm water!), equines can really benefit from a winter wash.

(Keep rugs on standby to help with drying).

It is always best to use an equine specific shampoo when bathing, such as Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo, Cowboy Magic Shine In, Yellow Out, or Absorbine Showsheen Shampoo.

Using equine-specific shampoo is kinder to our horses’ skin, and prevents problems such as itchiness or dryness, whilst protecting the pH balance of the skin.

Alongside shampooing, owners can use a conditioner or treatment in tails such as Cowboy Magic Rosewater Conditioner which can help resolve tail tangles caused by winter mud, wind and rain.

After thorough bathing, customers can then apply a detangling spray such as Cowboy Magic Detangler or Absorbine Showscreen Detangler and Hair Polish throughout the tail, and leave to absorb for around 5 minutes.

Then using a soft brush or a wide toothed comb, the product is brushed through the wet tail and allowed to dry.

Check out these happy Cowboy Magic customers:


Above pics by Heart of a cowgirl (top) and Candice Siddon (bottom). (We appreciate that Candice’s fence isn’t optimum!)

Above pics by Ali Briggs.

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