Andrew Hoy rides Bloom Des Hauts Crets during the Blenheim Cross Country for the CCI4*-S 8/9YO. SsangYong Blenheim Palace Horse Trials. Photo: Libby Law PhotographyThe exciting new moulded range from Bombers Bits has launched with a dressage-legal mullen mouthpiece. (As used by Andrew Hoy at Blenheim – pictured). The moulded range will be initially limited to the top-10 selling cheekpieces, to give the broadest conceivable choice from an off-the-shelf bit. Styles include: Loose Ring, Eggbutt, Full Check, Pelham and Drop Cheek.

The moulded mullen range  is ideal for small equine mouths and narrow bars, equine mouth conformations that are traditionally difficult to bit. Retailers and their customers will love the attractive price-point, which is from £85 RRP. The Bombers Moulded Mullen mouthpiece is solely available in B16 thickness, and in these widths: 125 / 135 / 145.

The Bombers Moulded Mullen rangeExcitingly, the new new Drop Cheek Lite, pictured top centre, modelled from a drop cheek, being specifically developed for horses with short smiles and low cheek bones, is FEI AND DRESSAGE LEGAL AS WELL!

Since pioneering and developing its mouth-moulding process (which involves taking an impression of the equine’s mouth bars, in order to create a custom-made bit), Bombers Bits is continuing to develop its reputation as a cutting-edge designer and manufacturer of bitting solutions for equines.

Fans of the brand include eventers Andrew Hoy, Caroline Powell,  Liz Halliday and Francis Whittington. This off-the-shelf range accompanies a multitude of bitting mouth and cheekpieces that amounts to tens of thousands of bitting options and solutions for your customers.

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