NEW from distributor Equine Management is the ‘Bombers Hybrid’, from Bombers Equestrian Bits, a combination of a Hackamore and an American Gag, with the combined effects of a hackamore and bit. Ideal for strong, sensitive mouthed horses, the Hybrid distributes pressure uniformly on the equine’s nose, mouth and poll.

“The reins can be attached at various positions to allow for varying degrees of leverage. The amount of movement in the mouthpiece can be altered by moving the stopper above the mouthpiece, while the nosepiece is padded for the horse’s comfort, and a nylon curb strap is included,” explains Stephen Biddlecombe of Equine Management.

The actual mouthpiece of the Hybrid bit is available in two styles – the ‘Bomber Blue’, a ported bit made from a unique rubber and nylon compound (RRP £210.00 inc VAT), and the Happy Tongue, a curved and ported mouthpiece made from sweet iron (RRP £191.00 inc VAT). Care must be taken, as with any mechanical hackamore, that the Hybrid’s noseband sits above the horse’s nasal bone.

For stockists call Equine Management 01825 840002.