COVID restrictions have meant that, while competitive polo at 8 goal and above can be played, polo below that level is not allowed to be played at the time of writing. However, the industry is understandably champing at the bit to get back to competitive play and training!

Despite the restrictions, we have been delighted to receive many enquiries recently about Bombers Bits for polo. There really is a bit for every equine within the range, as there are tens of thousands of permutations when you consider mouth and cheekpieces, as well as sizes and bespoke options.

McHardy Full CheekThe bits are all handmade, and come in all of the mouth and cheekpieces you would expect. A very popular mouthpiece is the McHardy. It still provides tongue relief, but is stronger than the Happy Tongue, a ported mouthpiece that doesn’t have the central roller that the McHardy features. As the McHardy gives some poll pressure, as well as helping with the turning aids, it is very popular for polo riders.

The medium port creates space for the tongue, relieving pressure. The Buster Roller in the middle increases bar pressure, as a result lifting the horse’s head, and giving more control.

The McHardy was created to be a combination of a jointed Happy Tongue with a Buster Roller centre.

It is an excellent bit for sports requiring more control, allowing at the same time comfort for the horse’s tongue.

McHardy 2.5 RingThe 2 ½ ring version (below left), is the softest version of the Bombers McHardy, as the ‘half’ ring softens the leverage on the mouthpiece and poll.

The Big Ring Gag and the Full Cheek (pictured top left) make up the other cheekpiece options.

All Bombers bits are made from blue sweet iron, which encourages salivation and helps bit acceptance.

Polo Snaffle BridleDon’t forget to make sure your bridle is also suited to the pony’s head conformation.

Our Stephen’s Polo Snaffle Bridle (below left), or the Stephen’s Rope Cavesson both work very well with the Bombers Bit range, and look very smart.

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