Chloe RydingEquine Management is pleased to showcase some information about our sales representative, Chloe Ryding. Lancashire-based Chloe has worked in the equestrian industry for the past nine years, and has worked in equestrian retail for over five years, including managing one of the UK’s biggest saddle retailers.

As our sales representative, Chloe introduces retail customers to some iconic brands. “I cover the whole of the UK, so I do travel some miles; and when I visit shops, I am happy to offer staff product training, so they can really get to know the brands and the product ranges,” Chloe says. “I am always there for retailer support.”

“I find that the best way to grow a brand in-store and develop a reputation in a key area, or with a key brand, is for stores to develop a unique market. I can help shops tailor stock to their demographic. Bitting can for example be a tricky market, as it isn’t a product customers simply buy off the shelf without some research. I am always at the end of the phone for clients however, to help with any bitting queries. I have found from my work that Bombers Happy Tongue is one of the most popular bits.”

“It’s so unique, and the only bit in the marketplace I feel that really offers horses tongue relief. I have built up considerable expertise in the field of bitting, and love to help shops crack the really tricky bitting issues they get from their customers!” adds Chloe, who has a 16h Irish Sport horse gelding, pictured above, described as ‘the quirkiest of horses when it suits’, but who loves his hunting and jumping. Contact us today if you’d like to arrange a visit from Chloe.