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Bombers Bits’ eventing ambassadors have all been doing very well recently; the brand loves to help its brand partners increase their own profiles via marketing projects that both increase brand awareness for Bombers, and also continue to raise a rider’s own profile, for potential owners and selectors. Here, Francis Whittington collaborates with Bombers for Eventing Nation, the website.

Read a snippet below…

Amy Coxon Gilliatt is pictured, riding Lionheart.‘There are three key components of riding that have become my training mantra: rhythm, balance, control. They work together, and you need all three. The horse’s reaction off your leg, and whether they’re listening to your body commands, is as important in the jumping phases as it is in your flatwork. If we can get the horse to be balanced behind and be able to ‘reach under’ with the hindquarters, they will learn to carry the weight behind, and lift their shoulders more, to be in better balance.

Power and propulsion

By creating power and propulsion from the hindleg, and riding in a good rhythm, with balance, you should feel like you have an elastic ball of energy underneath you, ready and waiting for your next signal.

Sharp, strong horses can feel as if they are ‘towing’ the rider along; a heaviness in the hand can mean the rider resorts to over-bitting, and often feels like they’re using the reins to support or carry the horse.

But creating more power from the hindleg helps the horse come off the forehand, and carry its own weight behind. This engagement is lightening the shoulders, and also the feel with the bit. This makes it easier for the horse to be ridden in balance.’

Amy Coxon Gilliatt is pictured, riding Lionheart.

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