gel-eze-keepersOur Gel-Eze bridle keepers are so, so simple that we can’t believe, no one (including us!) created them before!

They’re the perfect rubber keepers to keep clients’ bridlework looking smart.

It’s easy for flimsy leather bridle keepers to break, leaving flapping cheekpieces… not a good look, especially at a show or event.

If a customer has a horse with a long head but a narrow face and jaw, they may find that the throat lash is simply a bit big for the horse’s head.

If so, it’s done up on the top hole, and there’s an extensive length of leather to secure at the end. (Plaiting bands do the job – but they don’t look so smart).

This is another situation when rubber keepers are ideal to keep the strap secure against the side of the horse’s face.

Our Gel-Eze Keepers easily replace broken leather keepers, and can be adjusted by rolling them up and down.

The keepers are dark brown, which means they are hard to see, and match both black and brown tack.

There’s 20 to a pack with an RRP of just £8. Ideal for situating at point of sale areas, in-shop.

Customers can keep some in the lorry, tack room and show jacket pocket – they’re such a useful product for a bargain price. #tackroom