The Bombers Moulded Mullen rangeThe exciting NEW moulded range from Bombers Bits has launched with a dressage-legal mullen mouthpiece.

Competitive price-point, quality product; a true problem-solving bit!

The moulded range will be limited initially to the top 10 selling cheekpieces, to give the broadest conceivable choice from an off-the-shelf bit.

The list of cheekpieces is detailed further below.

You and your customers will LOVE the attractive price-point (from £85 RRP). The Moulded Mullen is solely available in B16 thickness and in these widths: 125 / 135 / 145.

Our latest development sees a mouthpiece engineered with a rubbery texture that can sustain some chewing.

It is designed to spread the tongue pressure over a wider area, with minimal bar pressure.

Bombers moulded mullen cheekpieces:

Left column in the above photo – Williams, 2½ Ring, & Loose ring.

Middle column – Drop Cheek lite, Full cheek (commonly called fulmer under BD rules), Eggbutt, & Kimberley Dee (commonly called D ring).

Right column – Pelham 55, Elevator Loren S, & Drop cheek (commonly called hanging cheek).

The new Drop Cheek Lite, pictured top centre, was modelled from a drop cheek, and was specifically developed for horses with short smiles and low cheek bones.

The Drop Cheek Lite purchase is as short as possible, and the mouthpiece placement is as high as possible, to accommodate shorter equine mouths.