Sue Gilliatt & dressage rider Luke Baber Davies.Bombers’ Sue Gilliatt is building a unique portfolio of equine mouth mouldings, thanks to her continued work with leading equestrian dental technicians.

Sue welcomes enquiries from retailers interested in hosting clinics and workshops.

Recently, Sue worked with vet Chris Pearce, to help pinpoint the cause of a schooling problem with the ride of one of the world’s top riders, an Olympian with a very high-profile and renowned holistic training ethos.

Chris carried out assessments to help establish to what extent a schooling issue originated from the horse’s mouth, injecting a numbing agent into the bars, and eventually discovering a sore area and bone spur.

“The work Bombers is doing with vets and EDTs is really pioneering,” Sue explains.

“We have very many cases whereby a customer brings their horse to a mouth moulding clinic, but the mould reveals no conformational or health issues; instead, simply helping us to recommend a bit based on the dimensions of the equine mouth, the shape of the bars, and the rider and horse’s needs.

However in some cases, the moulds can reveal really interesting dental issues, or a conformational issue that is harder to spot and assess, when looking up into the horse’s mouth.

I have held some really successful equine mouth mouldings clinics with retailers, and welcome enquiries from UK retailers wanting to explore this exciting revenue stream themselves.

Please email me at .”

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Sue is pictured above with Luke Baber Davies, dressage rider & trainer, and fan of Bombers Bits and the mouth moulding process.