If your customer base includes arena polo fans, you may love the Bomber Blue Swivel Pelham Polo bit from Bomber Bits.

The Pelham has attachments for two reins, one near the mouthpiece and one at the end of the shank. (Some riders may prefer to use rein connectors or roundings). The Pelham shank will exert moderate poll pressure and leverage on the mouthpiece and curb.

The Bomber Blue mouthpiece is ported to give tongue relief. The nylon composite material is light in the mouth and encourages salivation; it is particularly well suited to horses that object to metal mouth pieces.

The swivel mouthpiece can rotate on the horizontal, allowing the cheek piece to move independently – therefore, the horse can set the port where it finds the mouthpiece most comfortable, removing further tongue pressure.

The standard size Pelham has two length shanks, 55mm and 75mm. The longer shank allows for more hand movement and slows the leveraging of the pressure points. It’s supplied with stainless steel curb chain and hooks.

The Bomber Blue mouthpiece is generally easily accepted and gives tongue relief; it’s light, non-metal and encourages salivation.

It’s also worth stating that if your customers enjoy polocrosse, arena polo or hunting, or any jumping discipline when they’d like more control with a sensitive horse, then the Bomber Blue Swivel Pelham Polo bit would be a great addition to your stock-list.

We would suggest that this bit is ideal for experienced riders with sensitive hands.

Visit – http://equineman.com/product/bombers-blue-swivel-pelham-polo/