Let’s talk about fakes! Oscar Wilde said that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness’, and we would agree with that ethos here at Bombers Bits.

Ultra Comfy Lock up BradoonThe team has spent many years investing time and money into the brand.,..

So it is frustrating to receive emails from concerned retailers and consumers, telling us about the latest batch of ‘fakes’ that are being touted.

(Left – the iconic Bombers sweet iron).


Please rest assured that Bombers Bits are manufactured at the South African facility, stamped and labelled and created by hand.

Bomber NelIf you hear of any copies being touted as the real deal, do get in touch at sales@bombers.co.za.

You can find us at Facebook too: BomberBlueBitsUK.
(Equine Management’s Facebook page is: EquineManagementltd.)

Please do use the hashtags: #bombersbits #BombersEquestrianEquipment #BombersBlueBits.     

Thanks for your continued support of our brand development, and please do keep the dialogue going with us if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas. Please see the main page of UK distributor Equine Management for contact details for Stephen Biddlecombe –  his representative Chloe Ryding will be pleased to showcase the range to you in person.

Bomber Nel.