Polo Accessories

Polo Horse Tack and Quality Polo Equipment.

Equine Textiles Keeneland Polo Bandages (4)

Keenland Polo Bandages

Equine Textiles Keeneland Polo Bandages – extra long for support and protection.
(Set of 4) Fully washable.

Colours stocked: Black, White, Navy, Royal Blue, Red, Hunter Green, Hot Pink, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Gold, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Burgundy and Purple.

Pillow Wraps (Pair)

Pillow Wraps

The ultimate wraps for use under stable or travel bandages.

Pack of 4 – length 30 inches.

White and Navy available

14″, 16″ and 18″ NOW IN STOCK!


Sheepskin Breastplate Cover

Breastplate Cover

Velcro opening medicated Sheepskin Breast Plate Cover to help prevent chafing on the shoulders.

Sizes: 60 x 7 cms or 60 x 10cm

Natural sheepskin colour only.


Neuman Tackified Leather Gloves

Designed to fit like a second layer of skin, this glove provides a secure grip to aid in user confidence and performance.
The palm is constructed with a patented formula that permanently tackifies the leather palm throughout its fibres for the life of the glove.

This tackiness is enhanced during humid conditions and will remain consistently tackified in hot or sub zero temperatures.
No need for spray-on adhesives, a simple hand washing is all that is needed when the gloves get dirty.

Neuman gloves are widely used and accepted by professionals throughout the sporting industry worldwide.


Waterproof Over-Breeches - unisex

Waterproof Overbreeches

The microfibre material is polyester based, meaning the breeches are soft and durable, with good water repellency and comfort.

The over-breeches feature an elasticated waist with two durable, metal poppers for adjustment, as well as strong, colour coordinated plastic zips.

The trousers open out completely in an ‘X’ shape, meaning they do not need to be pulled on over riding boots, and can be easily removed.
The soft, breathable mesh lining provides a comfortable layer to increase water resistance and comfort.

The breeches are fastened with two poppers and an elasticated cuff just below the knee, leaving the riding boot uncovered for safe riding.
The white colour and smart style means the breeches can be kept on after the warm up, maintaining a stylish appearance in the ring.

If the rain clouds lift, they can easily be removed whilst mounted!

Available in white only, in S (6-8), M (10-12), L (12-14 / mens) and XL.


Polo Spurs, smooth wheel

Made by Weaver USA.  Spur straps available.

Available in white only, in S (6-8), M (10-12), L (12-14 / mens) and XL.

Open Tendon Boots Art 362

Racing Tack Tendon Boots

Racing Tack (ITALY) Open Tendon Boots


Available only in size 2


Velcro fastenings

Colour choices: Black, White, Green, Burgundy and Blue

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