Ensure your Store is Bountiful with Christmas Gifts!

Undoubtedly, Christmas can be one of the most celebrated, yet equally stressful times of the year. For many consumers they rack their brains for great gift ideas and then follow this with a mad scramble to complete the Christmas shopping mission! If your store is well-stocked with equestrian gifts fortunately for busy shoppers and for you or shop could be a one-stop-shop! 

Equine Management offers some of the best quality equestrian items on the market so whether your customers are shopping for themselves, a partner, a best friend or simply looking for a small gift as an extra or secret santa present for a pal at the yard there is something from Equine Management which will be perfect!

Here are some ideas to mention just a few of the products available to retailers from our website!

Royal Rider Stirrups

Royal Rider Stirrups are hardworking stirrups for disciplines such as Show Jumping, Eventing, Polo and more, where performance is everything! Widely used by top professional horse riders the stirrups offer complete foot stability and improved lower leg position when in the saddle. All models have interchangeable cheese-grater or rubber treads.  We also have spare cheese-grater treads for sale.










Stephen’s Sheepskin Half Pads

The Stephens Sheepskin Pads are made from the best quality Australian lambswool, and come in a wide range of colours. Our products can help combat saddle slipping, and offer shock absorption too.  Our range also includes saddle squares and full numnahs for jumping, dressage and showing, as well as half lined pads for dressage and jumping!











Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine

Cowboy Magic is one of the leading brands in grooming products with a wide range of products which are easy to use with outstanding results. Formulated to give hair a super shine Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine helps to repel dust and maximises coat shine!











There’s still time to place an order with us for Xmas as we offer great carriage terms, and no minimum orders. New retailers – complete our trade enquiry form: http://equineman.com/trade-enquiries/ . We have great items for Xmas gifts, such as the Multi-function Event Watch and Neuman Gloves. Get in touch today for all your festive needs…

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