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Do your customers play polo?

Polo was once thought of to be solely an elitist sport but in recent years the sport has become more popular and available to the masses, outside the realms of the rich and famous! These days group polo lessons including a hired pony are offered by many clubs giving the amateur polo player the chance to experience the fabulous sport!

Polo is thought to have originated in China and Persia around 2,000 years ago and today, it is now played by men and women alike in upwards of 77 countries.

Polo is played between four person teams on a field which is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide.  There are goals at each end line, spaced eight yards apart. Each players carries a slender handled mallet and attempts to hit the ball through the goal posts. Each goal counts one point.  The outdoor ball, of hard white plastic, amazingly is a little over 3” in diameter so the game really does take some serious hand-eye coordination!

The game is played in six fast paced periods, known as chukkas which take seven-and-one-half minutes.

Polo can also be played indoors, known as Arena Polo, which is popular during the winter months so it really has become a year round sport for all.

Regular Polo players or those just taking up the sport will require the necessary kit! Equine Management supplies both tack and quality polo equipment to retailers, so the trade can be sure their customers are choosing a high quality product that has been designed specifically for the game!

Equipment Guide…

Bandages and Tendon Boots

Polo is a fast and furious game and so the pony’s legs must be protected. Polo players often apply both soft fleece bandages and supportive tendon boots in order to maximise protection. Equine Management offers the popular Keenland Polo bandages in 18 different colours alongside protective tendon boots.


World Wide Tack supplies Bomber Bits, a must-have for any polo player! Designed by polo player Peter Nel, every Bomber bit is made from blue sweet iron which oxidises easily, encouraging salivation and acceptance. The Bomber 3 ring Bit is our most popular and perfect for polo!

 Protective Wear for the Rider

Each and every rider, no matter how experienced must be adequately protected when taking part in polo. New for 2015 Equine Management are offering a range of rider wear and equipment for Polo. The stunning Stephen’s Polo Boots are designed especially for polo from top quality Havana leather and available in either standard sizes or a ‘made to measure’ option. In addition the brand new Stephen’s Knee Guards and Elbow Pads keep riders’ safe during on-field clashes!


For more information about the wide range of equipment for polo and other disciplines visit the website or Tel: 01825 84000 to speak to a member of the team about stocking Equine Management Polo equipment!


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