Equine Management trades other equine products such as Flair Nasal Strips, Racing Tack, Pariani Over Reach boots and Flymasks.

Don’t forget to check out the Wormabit, a clever, oral paste administrating bridle that guarantees easy and effective delivery of equine worming pastes and syringe-based products, such as calmers.

Flair Nasal StripsFlair Nasal StripsFlair Nasal Strips


FLAIR Nasal Strips are clinically proven to help maximise your horse’s potential.

Clinically Proven to:

  • Speed Recovery
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Reduce lung stress and bleeding

All White designed for all breeds.

1 strip per packet, 6 packets available from Equine Management.  Singles to be purchased from

Wormabit large

WORMABIT – discontinuing once sold out

Wormabit is so easy to use. If you can put on a bridle, then with Wormabit you will be able to worm your horse. Even the most difficult horses accept the bit and swallow the paste without fear, fuss or mess. Furthermore, horses accept the Wormabit time after time without hesitation. Wormabit is designed to work with all brands of worming pastes and other orally administered equine pastes.

  • Makes worming easy, safe and enjoyable
  • Keeps your horse calm and relaxed
  • Delivers full dose every time
  • Compatible with all equine pastes in standard 32g plastic syringes

Wormabit makes an ideal gift, especially for younger people who want to play an active role in looking after their horse but are cautious about worming conventionally or wasting the paste.

Wormabit can also be used as a mouthing bit for young horses and works great as a focusing aid (with honey or molasses in a clean, previously used syringe) during activities such as shoeing where you want your horse to be calm and relaxed. Wormabit can be used with all brands of Horse Wormer and other oral equine pastes.


RIDERSRASP Hoofcare Rounding Tool

Maintain the hoof between trimming intervals and save money

Ease breakover, stop cracking and remove flares

Care for your horse when it looses a shoe!

Smart Grooming Smart Tails Thinning CombSmart Grooming Smart Tails Thinning Comb

Smart Grooming Smart Tails ‘TAIL THINNERS’ Comb

These revolutionary mane and tail thinners are the only product on the market that actually THIN thick manes and tails, and give the pulled look without discomfort.

The Yellow handled Easi-grip range is the latest addition to the Smart Tails range.

Grades of blades and which one to choose

Coarse blades are good for thick full tails, manes and think coats, which haven’t been tidied before or are very coarse. This will process a large amount of thick hair easily and efficiently leaving a tidy looking finish. The coarse is also very good on natives that are being shown, and the end result needs to look tidy but still untouched.

Medium blades are good for the average type of mane, tail or coat. This will cope with medium to soft hair and is ideal on manes and tails.

Fine blades are mostly used on hair which have already been tidied or is quite fine. It is also useful to finish really thick tails when a show or close finish is needed, and the bulk of it has already been shaped with a coarser blade.

Smart Grooming Horse ShaveSmart Grooming Horse Shave

Smart Grooming Equi-Shave

Smart Grooming Equi-Shave, for quick and accident free whisker trimming.

A disposable razor for horses.

This blade is guarded to prevent mistakes.

1 packet contains 1 blade.  Sold in boxes of 50 by Equine Management

Individual items can be purchased through

Uptite Poultice

Uptite Poultice

Traditional clay based poultice is great for hardworking legs.
Cooling and tightening formula.

3 new sizes available.  1.75kgs, 4.25kgs and 8.60kgs Tubs

Newmarket Horse Blanket Traditional Warmth


This blanket is great for so many things, from providing extra layers on your horse or pony in the winter to being used as a picnic rug at summer shows it is also great for keeping spectators warm at winter competitions.

The Newmarket Blanket
is made from 100% pure wool and is available in four different sizes. This rug is a real old favourite and has been used for many years with racehorses and hunters.

  • Small 140 x 160cm
  • Medium 160 x 180cm
  • Large 180 x 200cm 
  • Extra Large 200 x 210cm

Splintex Silver, 30mlSplintex Gold, 60ml


Splints manifest themselves as swellings and bony enlargements located on the splint bones on both forelegs and hindlegs of horses.


  • Avoid excessive concussion and strain especially with young horses.
  • Maintain hooves properly.
  • Feed nutritionally balances grains and forages especially to young horses. Alfalfa is a good feed.  However, it is best to feed alfalfa only in grass mixtures to rapidly growing horses.

Fresh Splints:  Fresh splints are best treated topically with Silver Splintex t.m. and gauze or cotton bandage. (Leg brush included.) Elimination of the fresh splint may occur as early as 3 five day cycles, although some cases require additional treatment.  Horses with hot splints should receive lay-up or complete rest with exercise limited to hand walking.

Cold Splints:  Cold splints are best treated topically with Gold Splintex t.m., bandaging optional. (Leg brush included). At approximately 20 days the enlargements appear to flatten with dramatic reduction of the splint as early as 30 days. Treatment should be continued to achieve complete elimination.  Horses with cold splints may follow their daily routines without interruption unless lameness is present.

Silver: 30mlFormulated for hot splints. Fresh splints may typically be up to 60 days after initial appearance.  Important: Allow the horse total rest.  Total treatment time may be 15 days, or 3 five day cycles.

Gold: 60ml : Formulated for cold splints and other indications. Other Indications: capped hocks, sesamoiditis, early ringbone.  Interruption to the horse’s daily routine is usually not required.  Total treatment time may be in excess of 30 days.

Open Tendon Boots Art 362Straps for Racing Tack Open Tendon Boots

Racing Tack ART 362 Open Tendon Boots (Fetlock Boot also available ART 360)

Available only in size 2, Made by Racing Tack (ITALY)

Velcro fastenings.  Spare Straps available in Black and White!

Colour choices: Black, White, Dark Green, Red/Burgundy and Navy

Italian Over-reach Boots


Supplied by Pariani and Co – Italy.  Highly recommended rubber Over-Reach Boots.


Size 1 and 2 ONLY
Black or White

Over Reach Bands Art 485, S & M

Racing Tack ART 485 Over Reach Band by Racing Tack. (ITALY) – Black Only  NO BUCKLE

Available in Small and Medium.



Over Reach Bands with Buckle, large Art 472

Racing Tack ART 472 Large Over Reach Band by Racing Tack (ITALY)  with BUCKLE

One Size Large  Black Only

Quiet Ride Fly Mask for riding

Quiet Ride Fly Mask

The Cashel Quiet-Ride mask can be worn over or under the bridle and will not impair your horse’s vision.

Wearing his fly mask while under saddle, your horse will be confident flies will not bite him, reducing insect driven head tossing and giving you a much quieter (and safer!) ride.
A must-have for horses suffering from Head Shaking Syndrome.

One version – long with ears – colour black.   Available in 6 sizes (Weaning, Yearling, Arab/Cob, Full/Horse, XL/Warmblood and XXL/Draft)

Crusader Pasture Fly Masks

Crusader Pasture Fly Mask

Fly masks discourage flies from landing on the nose and irritating your horse.  Each fly mask is hand made in the USA by Cashel.

All have the unique three-hole cap for ears and forelock that provides stability and a great fit.

The only mask carefully designed to fit your horse’s head without gaping at the edges, the close fit of the Crusader; will keep flies from crawling inside the mask.
Made from soft nylon micro mesh, the optimal ears keeping biting gnats from torturing your horse.

Grey mesh with black trim.
Machine washable line dry.
Determining the size of your mask is easy, just match it to your halter size.

Available in 6 sizes (Weaning, Yearling, Arab/Cob, Full/Horse, XL/Warmblood and XXL/Draft) and 4 styles (with or without Ears and With or without Nose)

Stephens Quilted Cotton Leg Wraps - (Set of 4)


Quilted Cotton Leg Wraps.

White Only – Set of 4.  14″, 16″ or 18″

Pillow Wraps (Pair)


The ultimate wraps for use under stable or travel bandages.

Pack of 4 – length 30 inches.

White and Navy available

14″, 16″ and 18″


Standing Wraps (sets of 4)

Standing Wraps

Standing Wraps strong acrylic fibre bandages providing warmth, protection and support.

Intended to be used with Quilted Cotton Leg Wraps.

12″ long x 6″ wide

Fully washable.

Sets of 4 Available in: Black, White, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Hunter Green and Red.


Orvus W A Paste

If you’ve been around horses long enough, you’ve surely seen one of these big cubical white tubs of Orvus Paste/Shampoo. They last FOREVER, so you might have seen the same one for years and years. It is a shampoo that gets the job done, especially for white horses that are so hard to get clean. There are no ‘flavours’ to choose from–it only comes in the ‘original’ shampoo form.  But as generations of horse, cattle, sheep, goat, dog, etc. owners will tell you, it WORKS.

The first and main thing you need to know about Orvus is that it is concentrated. A little goes a long way.  A cap full can do a whole horse.

The contents of the shampoo are sodium lauryl sulfate, lauryl alcohol, sodium sulfate, and water. Sounds really artificial and loaded with chemicals, but this is actually recommended by preservationists for use in cleaning historical linens, quilts, and other fine natural fabrics. It is made for cleaning rugs, upholstery, hand washing delicate fabrics, and, oh yeah, washing livestock too (seems rather odd–delicate fabrics and 1500 pound cattle). If you check the quilting websites, the quilters swear by this stuff. They sell it as “quilt paste” and then put (an equine shampoo) beside the name to describe what it is. Funny.

It can’t be too harsh if it is recommended as a preservative for historic fabrics, and it isn’t. Horses come out nice and clean and shiny. It is great for getting green grass stains and manure stains out of horse hair, and it just picks up the dirt and washes it away (it is a surfactant, like the dish soap Dawn – takes grease out of your way). It rinses clean quickly (especially if you don’t put 60 times too much on the horse).

In the winter, the shampoo becomes more like a paste–white and thick.  In the summer, it is more syrup-y and yellow, but in either form it works just fine (it’s just easier to work with in the summer).


SealtexSealtex Bandage

Sealtex Bandage

Waterproof support bandgages for fast work.  Also great for wrapping around bits.

Sold in boxes of 12 by Equine Management  (individual items can be purchased through

Equine Management has a range of Stable Accessories.


Plaiting Bands

Black Silicon Plaiting Bands

Really stretchy – will not break!  Use time and time again…

150 PER PACK Sold by Equine Management

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